Research Interests

My research focuses on the formation and evolution of galaxies using supercomputer computations and simulations. In particular, I am working on the nature of Dark Matter, the formation and evolution of Dark Matter around galaxies and its influence on the galaxy formation process. My interests include galaxy internal dynamics and galaxy interactions/mergers, dissipationless collapse and phase mixing, disk and bulge formation, the connection between galactic nuclear activity and Hubble type and the detailed baryonic and non-baryonic processes occurring during the Epoch of Reionization. My ultimate aim is to develop a useable theory of galaxy formation based on the insights gained from detailed modelling and state-of-the art observations in the opitcal/IR and radio. I am also interested in challenges associated with large-scale data intensive and computationally science, in particular the concept of a Virtual Observatory and research using large digital astronomical archives.


Peter Quinn

Current Position

Professor of Physics

& Premier’s Fellow

School of Physics UWA

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Room 5.63A

School of Physics


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