Here's some Python code to produce Swancon the CCG cards in PDF format.

Here is the output PDF file, with a fairly limited selection of images for the center panels.

The output is fully scaleable, but the PDF output deck I've included here is designed to fit Avery pre-cut business card paper, so you can print the cards and just tear them apart on the perforations. If you want to print this on Avery paper, make sure you turn off the 'Fit To Page' checkbox in Acrobat, because that mangles the size slightly.

Here is another PDF file with the cards packed 10 to a page, with no gaps, to make it easier to cut them out manually if you aren't using Avery paper.

The code is, that actually renders each card,, to arrange cards neatly on a page, and rendercard, a simple user interface and text file parser. The current full card data set is here

The code requires Python (1.5.2 or higher), plus the Piddle drawing library, and the Python Imaging Library (PIL) if you want to put images on the cards.

This is a second draft - the next version will have the ability to print the back face of the card too (you can turn the paper over and feed it through to print the backs of the cards, because they are exactly centered on the page).

If anyone can think of (or draw) images that would be good for card backgrounds, either generic, for a specific card type (Attack, Venue, etc), or for a specific card, let me know the URL and I'll grab and use them.